Store Events

Featured in our program is a beautiful 10×13 wall portrait, selected from a variety of poses, special effects and backdrops.

The promotion process consists of three phases:

  • Phase I – Customer Registration
  • Phase II – On site Photographic Sessions
  • Phase III – Portrait Package Selection

Our program is designed to enhance store traffic patterns and purchasing opportunities by bringing return customers to your store during each phase of the program.

Phase I

The first phase of this process begins on a Thursday and continues for approximately two weeks. During this period our marketing representatives register interested customers for a photo session utilizing a promotional tabletop display. The customer pays a nominal fee of $10.00 for their 10×13 family portrait. (Space requirement: 3 x 3 feet for tabletop set-up in high traffic area.)

Phase II

Once the registration period is complete, the photographic session begins on the Friday following the last day of customer registration. Various backgrounds, special effects, clothing and props are provided. This ensures that each family has a variety of portraits/poses for their selection.Recommended space locations are break rooms, training rooms, warehouse, office, or sales floor space. (Space requirement: 10 x 15 feet in a low traffic area.)

Phase III

This segment usually occurs the weekend immediately following the photo session.   Families view their portraits and may elect to purchase additional poses. Typically, this phase is set up in the same space as phase II. (Space requirement: 5 x 5 feet for tabletop set-up in a low traffic area.)

Mobile studios are available for Phase II and Phase III segments in cases where space within the store is at a premium. (Space requirement for mobile studios: 3 parking lot spaces.)

All three sessions are conducted within the designated areas of the store that are deemed most beneficial to the needs and concerns of each Store Director. The designated areas will be discussed with your office and/or each Store Director, prior to the beginning of each photography event. The selection process should consider both the convenience of the Store Director and customers.

Program Benefits:

  • A negotiated rent payable to your Corporation on a per store basis, which adds to your bottom line profits
  • Repeat business (traffic) from customers returning for Phase II and Phase III of our program
  • 20% employee discount on the purchase of their photographs
  • A complimentary photo package for each Store Director to use at their discretion
  • Hassle free mobile set-up
  • Additional and friendly service provided by your store